Gem Hale

Gem Hale (b. Texas 2000) is a photographer and director currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. After attending the BFA-Photography program at SAIC for a stint he found himself traveling around the americas making work before he found residence in Georgia. His work has been showcased from an early age in local and international publications, print and online, and physical exhibitions. Gem produces limited edition books and zines of his work and is currently working on a number of longer term personal projects.


Portrait by Drew Perlmutter

Selected clients: Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Amazon, Bacardi, Wall Street Journal, GQ Magazine, New York Times, New York Magazine, Bloomberg, The New Yorker, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Atlantic Records, Capital Records, Empire Records, RCA Records Stompdown Records, Fader Magazine, Pure Beauty, Summerland Ceramics, Fenty Beauty, 

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